Monday, February 18, 2008


So I am finally able to share my images from the show I was in more is more.

The first image is an installation of hand made doilies.  
Most of them are actually hand made by my great grandmother, but they have been supplemented by some friends donations and a few purchases.  
It is about 6-8 ft long.
Let me know what you think.
I like the idea of a doily as something you put under a family picture, and a family picture as the object that shows the "happy" family.  But here it is just the idea of "happily" that we see.

the 2nd image is not a good image at all but...
it is my pillow piece that has combined my piece Laying with the pillows from an installation called the process of forever.  
The pillow is interesting to me as an object because it is a comforting object that can be menacing as well.  
Each pillow is hand made and embroidered with text.  
The color pillows combine positive affirmation like text and negative or frustrated text.


pia said...

love this.

Jo said...

Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. I have been thinking of it forever, and was glad to finally have a good wall to try it out on.