Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Janine, Janine

    Lick and Lather

    Moor      images from PBS Art 21

     Umbilical                   image from Albright Knox Gallery

So I am very looking forward to a lecture that I am going to tonight...
Janine Antoni, an artist that I truly admire and somewhat recently started to research. 
Her work balances on artifact and performance, something I can identify with...since I too am practically a performance artist, in that we perform privately and exhibit the remnants.

Here is a quote of her's that resides in me and makes me so excited to hear her speak!!!

All of my objects sort of walk the line between
sculpture, performance and relic.
Anytime I use performance, it's not so much my interest in performance
but my interest in bringing you 
back to the making

PBS Art 21 is a great resource to hear more about her.  Most of her work has to do with the relationship between child and mother.  She uses her own body and her mother's body to make much of her work.


erica said...

Oh my goodness, I nearly forgot about her. I used to love her work so much in college. Thanks for reminding me how good it really is.

Jo said...

Funny, I had loved her work in college as well and too forgot about her... then in graduate school 10 years later got reminded. She is a true inspiration