Monday, February 25, 2008

Look: Our view.

So these images are from the show I curated, Look: Our View,  at the Student Gallery at UMASS, Amherst.
I mainly curated the show to showcase the incredible and interesting work the photo department and most importantly my students are doing.  Most of  the work is by Photo Undergrad's and all but 2 were my students in Photography at some point.
I think they did great and I am really happy they were able to show their work to the community.

Foreground image: Mike Childress, A photograph of a photograph...
Background images: Hana Skirkey, Fern and Light

Zachary Repko, Elizabeth Unterman (Colleague), Mallorie Ekstrom

        Julie Testa, Still Life: Dark Eyed Junko

     Jenna Saraco, Untitled


     Jessica Rich, Love Lost

     Mallorie Ekstrom, Bedtime Magic

Zachary Repko, Samuel Repko

And I inlcuded a little piece as well.  It is polaroids taken of were I slept in my bed each day for a bit over a week.  
And written on the polaroid is the date, time, and a reflection on waking. 
Such as "I am alone"  or "C is sleeping in, I wish I was"
The photos of it do not look so great but you get the idea.  Maybe I will scan them and post them again in the future.

                  In Bed...
Also in the show Raisa Sandstrom, Jenna Faden, Ryan Feeney, and Justin Kemp.


Liz said...

this looks like a really beautiful show. you did an amazing job! wish i could have seen it in person. what class r u teaching? seems like your students are doing some interesting work.
plus- i cannot get over the floors! it looks like an entirely different space. i love it!

Molly said...


Thanks for reminding me about the swap. I'll get those out this week!