Wednesday, February 13, 2008

whiteness of the white

So it actually snowed here yesterday, it was literally like the first actual snow... 
I mean snow on the ground in nyc.  
I loved it, it was a delight how lovely the city and streets look in a blanket, it was a baby blanket, but a blanket none the less.  
I know many of you have had a ton of snow this year and I am one of the strange folk, who envy you for it. 
I LOVE snow.

Anyway the snow got me thinking of white for obvious reasons.  So I thought I would share this amazing flicker set by the girl with a polaroid.  
She posted this up a while ago, but even if you already saw could still just get lost in its loveliness.  All images in this post are found there and by her.

I am especially inspired by white since I am doing a series where I photograph my bed every morning, the spot where my body was...
my sheets are white so I am being reminded of how much I love white as a color, or non color. As soon as I have my digital camera back I will share some of these pictures with you. 
Yes I know you are!!!! ha, ha.

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