Monday, February 4, 2008

A little bit of yellow

Because of the overwhelming gray of the days lately,
oh come spring to us,
I have been drawn to the things in my life that glow with gold
so today I celebrate a little bit of sunshine
in yellow

above is my lovely colander

The handiest cookbook ever, and now there is a How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, I can't wait to get one, it is a lovely green color.

An old print of mine that I still love called the yellow walls, inspired by the short story The yellow wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, by far one of my favorite stories.

My gorgeous yellow kitchen, that my mom painted so well, I had someone ask if it was done by a professional.  Yeah, a professionally awesome mom.

My new Ohio pillow that I just bought at Leslie Janson's Estsy shop, doesn't it match the yellowish cat (loki) well.

From my vintage tea towel collection.  I love my tea towels.

The most used and loved tea pot on the planet.  It was a wedding gift so it adds a little something special to every cup of tea we make.

Miranda July's amazingly delightful book of short stories.  Read it immediately.

Please share with me your favorite yellow thing.
And enjoy the sunshine in our minds.

Also check out my new favorite blog
Her list of I loves are truly inspirational.


Livia said...

Funny. I post about 'yellowness' today and then accicentally found your blog.

We too have yellow wall in kitchen. My friend said that it looks schitzophrenicly yellow, maybe. At least it opens my eyes early in the morning.

Joetta said...

i always think a yellow kitchen is the epitome of warmth and love... pass the yellow around. I will check out your post too.