Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunshine come my way again...

So lovely to have sunshine pouring into my kitchen again.
Oh how I have missed her? or him? (what do you think)

I am lucky because I am on the top floor and there is a small yard behind our building so...
we get lovely sunshine, even in Brooklyn.
I cannot wait to have all the windows open, my feet barefoot, and tomatoes that taste good!!

It was so warm yesterday that my husband and I actually could take a nice walk without rushing or scrunching our shoulders.  Today not as warm but lovely sun!!!

Our house is a little miserable because I am getting over being sick and my husband is sick (aka being a BIG BABY, even if he is cute.)  So anything to make our day brighter.

A really nice spring post at blue yonder.
Excited to have won a mixed cd from this sweet family blog, I love a good cd any day!! thanks


Thea Orange said...

Lovely post, I read a recommendation for your blog on Pia! The sunshine is a her I think?!

Jo said...

I am not sure by "a her" what you mean. But if you are referring to the photographs they are my original images. If that is not what you mean please clarify and I would be delighted to respond.
Thanks for the response.

Driftwood & Turtles said...

Brother Sun, Sister Moon - a movie by Franco Zeffirelli (1972) ~ Donovan wrote the music and later released an album by that name. I remember them both fondly.

Jo said...

I will have to check the movie out,sounds good. Great title:)