Thursday, February 7, 2008

The day of the shout out!

First. I shout out to my cat, Loki, he is just the sweetest most loving cat in the universe, no exaggeration.  I mean look at him he is a big, white, fluff of wonderful.  And when I am in MA., as I am now, I miss all my cats and my husband lots!!
2nd. Nectar and Light for linking to me on her wonderful and inspiring blog. And look at the gorgeous photography (above) that she does to.  Thanks Jennifer.

3rd.  To my dedicated and wonderful professor, artist Susan Jahoda, who has an opening of her video installation  ...of a worm in a pomegranate (still above) at  Performance Space 122 this Saturday.

And 4th, 5th, and 6th....3 alumni I know who are in a show at Caelum Gallery in Chelsea which opens this Friday.
Phil Hendrickson an amazing person and artist.  He has been busy... he has had 3 shows this month, congrats Phil!   I do not know how he fits it in with his baby and wife, the talented Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst fame.

Stan Sherer a generous man and great photographer.

and Annie Varnot, someone I have only met briefly, but who was a delightful person and very interesting artist.

So there are all my many shout outs to folks who are doing something great this week.
I hope you enjoy this sharing of love.
And I cannot wait to have my "doo-hickey" soon so I can upload some of my new photos.
Look for that on Saturday!

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