Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Inspiring speaker

So as I mentioned yesterday, I went to a lecture by artist Janine Antoni last night. 
She was an amazing and inspiring speaker to say the least.
I felt  privileged to hear her speak and hear her "defend" aspects of her work.

A few quotes that really stood out to me...

In reference to the piece above and another piece in which she learned to tightrope she says:

...balance is a state we pass through in our imbalance.

a Bahamian proverb her mother use to say to her as a child:

Go out and see this world
because this place we come from
is behind God's Back.

and in reference to a question asking if she was objectifying her (female) body
by using it, and at times using it nude:

She quotes Carolee Shneeman, this may not be verbatim:

I didn't appear naked in my work because I wanted to be fucked...
I did it so other women could be embodied, and recognize themselves.

I truly love all these quotes and loved the lecture and encourage everyone to spend some time researching Janine Antoni's work. 

images from PBS art 21


bronwyn said...

That sounds amazing and inspiring. I have always loved her piece, Saddle. Thanks for the link to more of her work.

Jo said...

If you ever get the chance make sure you hear her speak. It was amazing:)