Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things I love today.

I love:love love love
warm (most peoples standards HOT) showers.
crawling into bed and my (warm and snuggly) husband being there. 
open windows. (with a breeze)
(healthy and happy) houseplants. 
good books. (my fave? The time travelers wife)
clean sheets. (white preferred)
(free) summer concerts. 
my baby kitty  (Loki the licker and love) purring louder when you lay your head on him.  

What do you love today?


Clementine said...

I second some of the things on your list, especially the "Time Traveler's Wife", clean white sheets, and an open window. I'd also like to add the color yellow, the scent of spring, clean design, old houses, and a walk by the ocean.

Jo said...

the ocean is for sure on my list...and i did i post on my love for yellow a while back so ditto.