Thursday, February 21, 2008

So today...

So too bad, but today has made yesterday look lovely...oh how you don't know what you have until it is gone.

Today began with no hot water, aka no shower, in my apartment.

and then moved on to a non starting car...

so I had to spend 2 hours getting it fixed, waiting....

and then an incorrectly cut piece of plexi-glass for a piece that I had to ship today...
and then ups charging me $120 to ship said piece!!!!

So I am happy to have all that over with.
Cried a little bit.
Finally had breakfast at 2:30.
now I can sit down turn some good music on and embroider in my studio.
I thought I would have gotten to this moment around 10:30 or so this morning 
but, hey, life gives you the unexpected.

and can someone get me a drink!!!

Hope you are all having a better one.

All images found at the amazing archive Square America


Jan said...

I loved the picture story. Tomorrow is a new day and will hopefully be better. I wish I had a dream that I could be so focused upon. You are pursuing yours and have been for years. Keep the focus and the dream will come alive. I am very proud. Mom

Diane said...

Wow, cool pictures! Where do you get them? I've been searching for good b&w's for one of my blogs.

Hope your day got better after this!

Jo said...

pictures are from Square America, it is under my links.
You will get lost in there. It's great.