Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another morning moment...

A poem by a wonderful woman, Janice Sparks, who also happens to be my mom.

That Hour

It's that hour before you have to face the day.

The hour before the alarm screams, "wake up!"

Before the sun pierces through the fog,

but the dark blanket of night has faded.

It's before the cars begin carving their path to the highway,

before the barking of dogs at the early morning jogger.

It's before the birds have awakened,

but the crickets have hushed their song.

It's the hour of sweet stillness when you get the best sleep,

sink the deepest into the mattress,

feel the warmest cuddle,

make the most passionate love.

You just lay there,

listening to the silence,

feeling the peace,

hoping it never ends,

mourning the loss

of the morning lost.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

This is beautiful....I actualy got a little misty eyed.

Joetta said...

imagine how if felt, considering my mama wrote it.
I am one proud daughter. I am glad you like it.