Tuesday, February 26, 2008

in the studio....

This week has been a great week to get my art out in the world.
I have just been accepted to another show and shipped work out to 2 and submitted to another.
So now I just have to figure out how to make money at this.
As the end of graduate school nears... amongst all my happy feelings about that I am also saddened and petrified about the loss of studio time that will come with it.
In the 3 years of being in school I have learned to truly love, appreciate and use my 5 days a week in the studio working and...
with no more student loans and reason I will soon have to join the ranks of the full-time employed...I am so afraid that I will no longer be able find time to make my work.  I know that I will deep down but the fear is definitely in me....
I have come so far and want to keep moving forward.  
How do you find time amongst job and family to do your passion?
ps. blogger and my computer are driving me nuts, like just upload my picture already!!!!

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