Sunday, February 10, 2008

The still of life.

I thought I would feature an artist who makes really beautiful work today, since I am seeking beauty.  Because my house is a mess and my head is aching so...
Lets find some beauty.
Laura Letinsky is a very well know art photographer who lives and teaches in the Chicago area. Her work is available in beautiful books.  I have them all.
Today I am only showing her still lives as perhaps her other work will be inspiring me another day.  These images are from her series Morning and Melancholia and the series I did not remember that I had forgotten
A series of still lives influenced by the history of still lives in painting and the everyday.  My favorite part when you see these in person are there will be great little moments in the formal compositions, like a half sucked lollipop or a wad of paper towel.


Liz said...

i love this work. did she show at herter last year?

Joetta said...

yes, she did.
Shona actually knows her.

jen said...

i love laura letinsky. her work is so inspiring,

Jo said...

yes, her work is quite amazing. Her other work of couples in bed is great too. Perhaps I will some of that someday.