Tuesday, April 8, 2008

doctors and thesis' do not mix...

So we just got back from  the vet.
Not with the above kitty, he is as fat and loving as ever.
But with E.
Seems we have to jump through all the hoops to figure it out...
Some blood work and tests first ... and if still no answer more stuff.
I hate how vets always make you feel like a bad pet parent.
How does that help the situation, we are already stressed about Mr. bones(new nickname since he is now a sack of bones)
Obviously, I hope he is ok. My cats are my babies...I cannot even process anything other then he will be ok... especially considering I am so stressed out as it is.

On a better note.  I taught a private yoga class today and it went great.
Hopefully she will want more... we'll see...
But I wonder if this guy does.

I knew the film maker many lives ago in Cambridge.
yoga images from a great studio that I use to teach at.

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