Monday, April 21, 2008

The weekend turned out to be a much needed respite from all the stress of "the thesis."
I actually allowed myself to not look at my paper and barely do any work...
and now I feel ready, a little bit, to march on, and hopefully resolve the paper this week.
Damn paper!

Anyway... I really liked this post and read the quote to my yoga class today, it fit the mellow mood of the overcast cool Monday we have here in NYC.

And very much enjoyed going here yesterday, the cherry blossoms and magnolias were so lovely.

image via BBG website

We got a membership so now we can go here to read and play chess in the sun, we will feel so spoiled.


emily b. said...

hi, i posted a link to your blog today and wrote about some of the art that you thankfully showed me in the recent week. hope you don't mind. keep up the good blog stuffs.

Jo said...

thanks. so glad you enjoy the blog. I love your work and hope to see it in person some time.