Thursday, April 17, 2008

I wish...

I wish I could be spending the day lingering over coffee and the newspaper but....
Alas that cannot be so, as usual my day in Mass. is going to be a busy one:
meetings, grading, painting, building a shelf.

How do we get it all done and still have time to breathe in the day?

Ok, here goes, 
inhaling; the sunshine, the green earthy grass, the sounds of the birds twitter, the morning kiss goodbye to C, the coffee coming my way, the fact that I will be done with my masters degree in less then a month, and the joy of sharing with you.


Ok, now your turn.



knowing that Friday is right around the corner helps A LOT :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Joetta, it's Travis. I'm so bummed we're going to miss your show in May, but I've been checking out your blog to figure out what we can get you as a nice graduation present!

Jo said...

weekends make everything better....i hope.