Tuesday, April 29, 2008

photo story through him

So I am telling my story through the amazingly beautiful and gritty images of Nicholas Lorden.
Sorry, I can't remember where I found him but his images are so lovely and maybe even a bit haunting...
So here goes:
In the last week I have been going from this (above) to this (below).
A.k.A Depression and Hysteria

and on top of my stress I am suppose to be thinking about getting a job!!
If only someone would just throw money at me.
Any takers?

So in short of I could open my mouth this wide, I would.
And boy would I let out a scream.

But with the compassionate love of family and friends and the kindness of my wonderful C,
I have arisen from my darkness to light.

And keep reminding myself that in less then 2 weeks I can stay in bed all day dreaming of being in a bubble that looks like this...

And that I will start my life, day, and work all over again.


lovely textiles said...

hey joetta - I'm a freshly hatched brand new reader of your blog. thankyou.

Joetta said...

glad you have hatched!!! Welcome and I hope you visit often.:)