Thursday, April 24, 2008

"escape pod..."

I was in Chelsea a few days ago for a meeting and stopped in to see this:

I recognized artist Karin Weiner's name, but not her work.
I loved the above piece, she had fabric waves, felted pools of water, a macrame chair, and yarn gods- eyes as sky and rain. (this image does not even come close to the experience of the piece) 
Materially the work was great and metephorically even better.
The press release states:
This ship is the artist’s escape pod in an upended world and represents the notion that in the end, one is left with oneself. The vessel is about her own personal salvation as much as her hopes for the future.

She is inspired by:
When I was a kid, we would spend the summers with my father in Maine. We lived on his boat and were left alone at a very young age to mind ourselves while Dad went to work. It sounds criminal today, but to us it proved our father’s trust. In addition, we developed this incredible sense of freedom and adventure. We had a small dingy that we would row out into the middle of the bay day or night. In complete darkness, we would be amazed with the stars and the phosphorescence in the water that sent up an eerie glow when stirred by the oars. We would float around for hours, oblivious to danger and fear which should have been very real, before attempting to navigate our way back to harbor by way of the few lights on the houses. Therefore, boats have always been symbolic vessels for me. They embody something mysterious and wonderful from my childhood and even that incongruous sense of security remains appealing…

her material approach reminded me of her...

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