Tuesday, April 29, 2008

fabulous outfit? check.

My fabulous outfit for my opening has been purchased and I hope it is fabulous.
I tend to try to wear bright colors, in homage to Amelie...ever since... I watched that movie the 2nd time, at this point I have watched it 100, I have consciously worn less non colors and more bright colors, I figure we all need a little color and joy in our life, right?

Anyway this is yellow, so hopefully it will be "fierce"

And these are pink:

Now only if I could have this to top of the look... too bad it is never going to go on sale:(


stacy said...

I love that shirt and J.Crew!

bronwyn said...

Very cute! That top is amazing in yellow!

Joetta said...

I hope it looks good.
If nothing else it will be very springy!!!

And the shirt is sooo cute on, everyone should have one.