Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fabulous flowers...



"Her language of form is fresh, unexpected, and utterly conventional.
It is neither tiresome, boring, or full of tepid cliches. aware of what took place in aesthetic achievement in the last half century.  Polly Apfelbaum has a connoisseurs command of the history of modern art.  And while she readily acknowledges the roots of her work, she is also insistent upon proceeding way beyond what has comer before." 

I have always been a fan of seeing Polly Apfelbaum's work, the MOMA has a nice one.
But I never thought of researching her as it seemed she was doing such different things, as an artist, then me.
And then, as I make a major shift towards minimalist installation someone says...
"you should read up on Polly Apfelbaum."
I did and I can't stop.

the dwarves with snow white

Conceptually I am so into what she is doing and in reality it is not so far removed from what I attempt to do myself... and the work is freaking gorgeous.
Her website has many articles written on her so it is a research hub in itself.
I highly recommend some time reading a few.

And Polly is so great you can get your own t-shirt, celebrating her love.

Single Gun

She states "Color has such a wide range of associations. I don't see a contradiction between structure and emotion. I think that's a false dilemma" And I agree!!!

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Diana said...

I love her wonderful when you find an artist you can really relate to and be inspired by. Good luck with your show!