Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a little imperfection can be just right...

I am one of those people that finds imperfection in all its forms as essential, necessary, and perfect.
For instance, I would not have the same elated joy, happiness, and freedom in the sunshine of today, if I had not endured (and at times even enjoyed) a long gray winter.
C would not be as handsome without the dimple in his nose.
E would not be as adorable without his funny, bent tail.
My sister would not be as unique without her funny toe.
I would not remember my past in the same way without the scars to remind me.

So as circumstance and relationship makes me think about how one's perspective leads one's life...
I embrace the imperfections in life as gifts, gifts to remind me of all the wonder that life still has.

very old print by me.

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