Friday, April 4, 2008

good day, give thanks

So my dark room day was a great success.
After 6 long hours of printing...
I have all of my images printed for the show.
And I got 3 Framed... lucky me Micheal's was having a 50% off custom framing week so I saved mucho bucks.
2 of the images were brand new and I am excited to share them.
Next week I will post some.

We are going to some fancy shmancy restaurant in Manhattan with friends visiting from Chicago.
It should be great fun, I just hope our wallets didn't explode out of protest.

And a big thanks to Pia for her kind words via email and her posting of a handful of my images(one above, did I show that already, sorry if I did)  submissions to her awesome project my heart wonders.

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