Wednesday, November 19, 2008

almost brougt to tears...

When I went to Chelsea yesterday my hopes where not high.
The last few times I took the time to visit it hardly seemed worth it.
Yet the first gallery I saw had my mouth to the ground- I will share that tomorrow.
and within a few more I had tears in my eyes.

The new show at Galerie Lelong of new work by Petah Coyne was breathtaking, heartbreaking, and full of life and death.
I am hesitant to show the images of the work as they do not translate even in the slightest, partly because there large scale must be experienced, partly because the detail and texture is completely lost in the photographs, and partly because Galerie Lelong desperately needs to hire a better photographer.
So if you are in NY GO SEE THIS SHOW, please do not miss it.
And if you are not, I hope you can at least imagine its beauty from these images.

The texture of the masses of wax dipped flowers, with densely molded and folded black velvet were like organisms of the earth, both housing and birthing and drowning and dissolving animals under their weight and into their folds.

From the press release:

in Vermilion Fog, an exhibition divided into two parts--Dante's Inferno and Unforgiven, allusions to literature and film that loosely frame the works by themes of loss, chaos, and redemption. Vermilion Fog is a monumental exhibition for the artist known for her use of diverse materials in large works whose grace and fragility belie their immense weight and arduous process.

The gates of flowers she created to block the viewer from Unforgiven.

to give you a little bit of sense toward the amazing texture of the wax dipped flowers, but still you cannot get any sense without seeing it in person.

Other work by Petah-


Inspiration said...

Wow- absolutely breathtaking. I wish I could see it in person.

emily b. said...

I'm so glad you posted about this so now I can go see it. I love her work. thanks joetta.

nadia said...

oh my goodness!