Thursday, November 6, 2008

stayed in the studio...

even though I wanted to crawl into bed.
And got a lot done.
Working on a new piece- above- and really like the direction it is going.
But it is about an hour to an hour and a half per letter, so needless to say slow going.

And finally officially done with this work.
I still need to get an image with the pillows inside and will actually show it on a shelf coming from the wall.
I need a really good image this weekend as I am submitting it to something so once I get that I will share the final presentation with all of you.
I am really happy with this piece and am excited where it might take my mind for the next few pieces.


nadia said...

Joetta, i want to ask you about your pieces, but i can't seem to find an email.

Joetta said...

well, that is a problem huh?
I will need to fix that but:
my email is