Tuesday, November 11, 2008

looking forward to the banality of genius

William Eggleston at the Whitney.
I have always been a huge fan of William Eggleston first for his provocative portraits.

Then for his saturated colors.

And now for his eye for all things banal.

I was already excited for the show at the Whitney, but the more I read about it in reviews and on blogs the more excited I become and will have to go very soon to fulfill my desire to see the show.

As a man who was torn apart in the beginning of his career, called boring.
His work has the most surprising contemporary viewpoint.
He was way ahead of his time.
Which makes him all the more genius.

I mean anyone that calls this image boring is simply not looking. This image provokes so many questions and so many stories I can barely contain myself.
Where is she going? coming from? is she alone? has she left someone? is she meeting someone? is she beautiful? is she bored? No boring in the viewing here.
Read an article on him here.

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