Tuesday, November 18, 2008

looking for some inpiration.

Studio work is going well.
I am almost done with the above piece...
It is just missing something and I am not sure what it is yet.
So for now I am just looking and thinking in hopes of finding it.

The leftovers of comforts piece got its last word embroidered on.
Now for construction.
I have no idea how I am going to build the shape I want on the wall.
But somehow I will figure it out.

And I am desperate to go to a great crafts store that is not astronomically over priced, like all the stores in NY- just to walk around, get some new tools, and get my brain working new.
If you have a Micheal's or Jo-Anne's feel grateful


hodge podge said...

have you been to P & S? it's 360 broadway @ franklin, about 3-4 blocks south of canal. it's totally my fave fabric/supplies store in nyc. and cheap! also nearby is the Pearl Craft store at 42 lispenard, which can be fun...

Joetta said...

oh, thanks for the tip. i will definitely have to try it out.