Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bird and Bear

Definitely still a work in progress- It is more complicated and time consuming then it looks.
I have a number of photographs, real actual c-prints to post...
and am making a line of scarves to sell...so keep your eye out for more fun stuff.
But here is the premier of Bird and Bear, get the word out.

Please note that custom orders are welcome and most my work on my website is for sale but not all of it seems etsy style so if you are ever interested in work that you see, PLEASE let me know. I am a working artist and sell all my art.

The name- Bird and Bear
Bird- if you have not noticed by this blog title I identify with the bird and have used it as a symbol for myself (and women) in my art for many years- A perfect animal as a symbol of both freedom and entrapment- the complicated experience of life.
Bear- is my nickname for things I love a.k.a my very special kitties and my C... and I am sure my someday in the future children will be called this too.
So we have Bird and Bear.

Enjoy and I welcome any comments or suggestions.


josephine said...

this is gorgeous! i love how the colors work together.

Joetta said...

thank you.