Friday, November 14, 2008

getting into my routine...

I am finally getting adjusted back into a routine as an unemployed artist.
Researching and applying for things in the am.
Working hard in my studio in the afternoon and maybe rushing to a yoga class after.

If only I could figure out a way to make this last. I essentially have my perfect life and yet my C simply does not, supporting the never make any money me.

So I am trying to get very creative in thinking about how to make a living.
I was thinking of making a line of products to sell? Scarves, hats, banners, and such?
Or maybe I will finally get awarded a grant.
But who knows...I am open to the universe figuring this out.


bronwyn said...

I have always found that the best things find me when I leave it up to the Universe. Good luck to you. A grant...that would be ideal, wouldn't it?

hodge podge said...

maybe this is obvious, but you should have an Etsy shop! lots of artists and makers are totally (or partially) self-supporting by being Etsy sellers... and you make such beautiful things!

Joetta said...

yeah...i have been thinking about an etsy shop...I guess i have nothing to lose.

and yes i am totally leaving it up to the universe as it feels like i simply must.