Monday, November 24, 2008

fun with food.

I do not know why but for some reason...I just love fabric food.
It is like the ultimate 2 comfort items put into one?
So I really love the fabric illustrations of artist Kate Talbot.
So clever and cute.

but man can you tell she's British? look at all that meat...

This is more to my liking, a fave of C and I a "toad in the hole"...and I have to say I make a darn good one. ( just crack an egg in a cut hole into the toast in a frying pan and use plenty of butter)
So are you hungry yet?
Kate also makes some pretty darn fabulous portraits and inspired by "famous art" fabric illustrations. Even some pin up girls, cha, cha, cha.
See more fun with fabric here.
and congrats to this crazy talented lady...if you are in NY you should all check it out.


emily b. said...

hey thanks joetta. i went to see the petah coyne this weekend. i especially loved the tall piece in the back of the gallery. you know the one, with the out of control velvet. so awesome.

shill said...

delish!!! this is what i call creative :)