Friday, November 14, 2008

Emerging artists at work.

Katherine Webb

I am personally very excited about how so many young artists are turning to fibers as their medium.
I think it says a lot about how the world and art world are changing...
So the student showcase in FiberArts was full of inspiration and exciting work.
I can't wait to see what these young artist do next.
Some highlights:

Amy DiPlacido

Laura Kramer

Bren Ahearn


susan m hinckley said...

I think yours has become my favorite blog for a daily haunt -- I don't remember how I came across it a week or so ago, but there's always something great to look at. And if you figure out the making money thing, be sure to share. Just last night someone was explaining to me that no matter how much work I sell, if I'm not making money it's a hobby, not a business. Which is fine with me -- call it a hobby if you want to. But unfortunately it's still also my business.

Joetta said...

so glad you enjoy the blog. It means a lot that people are inspired by what I find, share, and do.
You should tell that someone a hobby is something you do for fun.
Your passion is your life regardless of if you make money or not. and often it is more heartbreak then fun.
I do not see anyone calling
Van Gogh a hobbyist and he barely made a dime while he was alive:) So here is to us both making money but more importantly staying true to ourselves.

Inspiration said...

I started embroidering after I left my 20 year career in animation. I just needed to use my hands in a different way to express myself. The subjects are rather dark, and so far I have only used black and white thread, but it's something I do for me. I was really excited to come across your blog and to see your beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing the student's work, too!

Joetta said...

I have found using my hands as expression has been one of the most rewarding expressions I have ever had.
I would love to see more of your work.

Delighted that you enjoy the blog-
Thank you.