Monday, November 10, 2008

stolen post...

I stole this artist from a recent post on another blog, which I of course forgot to somehow document and credit but...Jolynn Krystosek's art has truly stolen my heart.

As always I am a huge fan of the palette of white on white. There is such warmth and strength that emanates from her gorgeously carved wax works. Her presentation of simple small wooden shelf or brackets just compliments the thought and care that goes in to the making of work. And adds a more masculine less decorative voice.

Throughout each series, themes of adornment, and fragility are combined with an interest in exploring the connective threads between sexuality, embellishment and the transient nature of beauty.
from here.

Once again in love with work inspired by still life- I really need to look into this obsession in my own art. Perhaps a still life series shall begin...

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