Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I resurrect things that have been killed off... My work is all about the potential of materials - even when it looks like they've lost all possibilities - Cornelia Parker

Her work is described as:

Parker’s work has been concerned with formalising things beyond our control, containing the volatile and making it into something that is quiet and contemplative like the ‘eye of the storm’... fascinated with processes in the world that mimic cartoon ‘deaths’ – steamrollering, shooting full of holes, falling from cliffs and explosions. Through a combination of visual and verbal allusions her work triggers cultural metaphors and personal associations, which allow the viewer to witness the transformation of the most ordinary objects into something compelling and extraordinary.

I don't know about you but I am compelled. The works have a playful and almost magical sense to them floating throughout space... yet they also have a coldness that makes me sense cynicism and a dark side to the work.

But I am such a sucker for multiples, repetition, and things hanging in mid-air. What about those elements of presentation are so enticing to me.
Repetition seems easy to understand but the hanging in mid air-
what does that psychologically mean to us, what is its role as a presentation device?


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wow, is right. Doesn't te complete flattening of things we tend to be so careful with (silver and musical instruments) feel both so liberating and dangerous at the same time?