Friday, November 21, 2008

new and improved.

Well not actually me but the web version of me.
After many headaches, a few tears, and way too much time-
I have updated my website.

You would think there would be dramatic changes with all the effort that went into it but...
Just updates, mostly new photos, details of the fiber work, a new home page, links to the blogs, a little fine tuning of the look and such.
Hope you like the new and improved

Please let me know what ya think and if you notice any problems, missing links, misspelled words...let me know.

Otherwise my posts will be delayed as I am not home until later today.
So you should just peruse through the archives of here.
Anyone know how  I could get it turned into a book?


nadia said...

it is beatiful!! i love everything about it!!!
don't you love it!!!

Joetta said...

yes... even though it was a total pain of problems fixing it... I am delighted with the results. Thank you.