Monday, November 3, 2008


so as of last week, my life has changed dramatically.
My job was wrong for me, so it is no longer.
And though this is scary and strange and C is probably not totally happy about the situation.

I know this is the right thing.
I know that change is on the horizon and it is good change, exciting change, real change.
And while I figure out what I am going to do next I am going to understand and appreciate the privilege of being in my studio.
having time to do yoga and nurture my soul.
having energy to make home cooked and wholesome meals.

And though uncertainty is in front of me.
I will simply be present.

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nadia said...

Joetta it is good that you recognized that.. to many people let a job they do not like become a habit they can not break..

fill up dear joetta with those things that make you happy and the job that suits you will follow..