Tuesday, October 13, 2009

amazing baubles indeed.

Maria Nuuten is 1/3 of the very cool and weird jewelry collaboration team of Amazing Animal. Their website states:

Amazing Animal is a combination of different things. One important element is the human body...the one and only animal that decorates its body intentionally. The human body is a playground for the jewelry artist and the last and ultimate element that truly belongs to us.

Maria often uses photographs in her pins, pendants, and rings, in a way that recalls artist Christian Boltanksi.

and often reminds one of the catholic church with her imagery, materials, and color choices.

One thing that makes Amazing Animal truly unique is that they approach shows and displays as an artist installation. Check out install images here.

Her collaborators also makes some truly crazy and cool pieces as well. Mervi Kurvinen:and Kati Nulpponen.

I love how they all three incorporate and reinvent everyday and often domestic materials.
See more work here.

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Sister in Second-hand Sequins..... said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing this work. I am loving the piece with the yellow halo of pins! So wonderful.