Wednesday, October 28, 2009

open circles.

The new Surface Design magazine has some very cool artists featured- all working with techniques that approach fiber in a way that is physically open. The artists either create open surfaces like lace or crochet or cut away from surfaces to make varied "open" surfaces. Seems to fit perfect into this weeks obsession with lace. But actually I am always obsessed. So the first artist I would like to feature is fiber artist, lace maker, and mixed media extraordinaire Ilze Aviks.

Ilze focuses her work on the image of the concentric circle to talk about much wider and diverse subjects. The use of the circle as repeating form places her work in a very contemporary way, particularly referencing the minimalist movement. But her mixed materials, including embroidery, found fibers, and hand made lace place the work in so many other places that it is fascinating.

By using the shooting target as her template and then covering it up she subverts the violence of the image to comment on femininity, nature, and mankind. Or perhaps speaks towards Americans complacency toward the wars that we are part of?

Her use of super sweet colors combined with bold messy colors and lines is striking.

Ilze also created a lovely series of work, Artifacts, where she combines her printmaking techniques with her embroidery skills. Nice.

See more of her work and detail shots at her website.


jackie said...

Enjoyed reading your interesting posts.

Joetta M. said...

thank you so much. Hopefully you keep enjoying them...their are just so many artists out their to share it is amazing and inspiring!!!