Thursday, October 8, 2009

color and clever charm all together.

I saw a mention of Finnish artist Anu Tuominen on visual notes a month or so ago and without even looking at her website bookmarked it as a place to revisit and check out when I had time. And I am so glad that I did because I would have been so sad to miss out on seeing Anu's (awesome name BTW) clever and very conceptual outdoor temporary installations. They make me think of Andy Goldsworthy if he was a lover of found objects and fibers.

I would love to fall upon this cheerful celebration of color on a cold winter walk. Right?

I also am so in love with her combination work including this lovely sock blanket....

this one is sweetly named nest. They remind me of the fabulous glove work of Paul Vilinski


I have been thinking about how I can change and evolve my own studio practice and work and have been thinking of sewing and joining things together- I am just not sure how or why? But Anu's work makes me realize that it is definitely a beautiful technique and her work is heavy with room for meaning and interpretation.

In installation you can definitely see the conceptually heavy side to her studio practice.

green tea

oh clever mind.
light green.

And don't think she limits her talents for charm, humor, color, and poignancy to fibers. She has lovely works in many "found" mediums.

striped scarf.

Her portfolio is expansive and takes awhile to go through but it is so worth it as nearly every piece charms with both its beauty and cleverness. See it here.


A rambling rose said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful work - really inspiring - great post!

miss milki said...

Her work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it! :)