Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Public embroidery.

Do you embroider in public, pack your knitting needles in the purse, stash your crochet hook in your pocket. I do. When I first started working in embroidery I was SO attracted to its portability. I loved that during a lecture, or at a coffee shop, on a long road trip, or at a 5 hour grad critique I could whip my little hoop out and get stitching.

As a born and raised Midwestern girl I have a lot of work ethic guilt and being able to work on my art while enjoying my life seemed like a marriage made in heaven. I also new that in moving to NY space and funds would be limited and in wanting children time might start to dwindle too. So embroidery quickly became my favorite and primary medium.

Over at HEN, a super awesome new blog, they want to hear your stories and see your pictures about embroidering in public. Read my little feature here.
HEN is a great resource since they have a tutorial on a new stitch everyday. The tutorials are very well written and photos included- so now we can all get stitching even fancier.
And they have a call for articles for their premier issue of a their new online embroidery magazine, Needle.

Where is your favorite place to embroider?


Elizabeth said...

Joetta, just found your blog and I'm surprised that you embroider outside your home. The only place I work is at home with all my stuff laying in front of me. Do you take all kinds of threads, needles, scissor, etc with you when you embroider elsewhere?

Anyway I'm glad I found your place.


Joetta M. said...

i pretty much always have an embroidery project in my bag. The piece is stretched on its hoop, with a needle stuck in, ready to go. Usually I just have one skein of thread to work with as most of the time that is enough to hold me over until I get to my studio again. Often no scissors...I just use a really sharp key. I love embroidering out in the wild of life:)

Freshly Found said...

I need to be more bold in my public displays of creativity!

erika said...

hi joetta--i've been away from your blog--i have so much to catch up with!
i'm like you--always with the bag of ongoing projects. I have always been drawn to the flexibility and--often for me--meditative quality of stitching, even if it's for three minutes while i wait for the water to boil, or 20 minutes while i wait at the garage to get my car inspected.

Joetta M. said...

i love fitting it in while the water boils:) It is the best when you are just waiting awhile for something.

Freshly Found- def. get bold, it is fun!