Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tired feet and little to see.

Beth Cavener Stitcher.

So Chelsea was a super disappointment. The shows in general were SO boring and sterile. I am just not into sterile art- I like either some emotion, story, or texture and most of the work to be found was non existent to the needs.

Janine Antoni.
The Janine Antoni show was also a let down, it was pretty sparse with just a few works to be seen. But I did not feel like the pieces were on par with most of her larger oeuvre of work. They all were complimented by her statements and an interview available to read. Which is the norm for her work. She tends to be very conceptual and knowing about her work usually increases your appreciation toward it. But these works did not seem to hold up as visual pieces too well. I mean they looked good but I am not sure I was very interested.

Todd Hido
The best work in general was photography. Both artists as Silverstein Gallery had interesting bodies of work. Todd Hido created some truly beautiful and moody surreal photos of the barren landscape of the Midwest.

Nicolai Holwatt's car crash studies seemed like straight forward abstract studies but were actually documentation of cars demolished by accidents.

Nancy Margolis had an exhibit of some very lovely drawings by Maysey Craddock who uses sewn together, worn paper bags boxes as her canvas. The press release states:
Craddock finds inspiration in places which once held treasured memories, buildings with forgotten legacies and lone trees that stood witness to unspoken events. In time, landscapes as well as memories are reclaimed by nature and layered with emotion and rich history.

And Claire Oliver had a new show of the fascinating work of artist Beth Cavener Stitcher. Who always creates very provocative images of animals, often represented in a very personified and even sexual way. Her work reminds me of another artist they represent Kate Clark.

I was very disappointed but there were a few shows that made me smile, though no major inspiration was found. Plus my feet hurt from having to gallivant all around NY to find a store that had mark be gone markers in stock. I SO miss my Joanne's and Micheal's, seriously NYC get with the crafter's program.

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angela simione said...

yep. it's always a big bummer when you venture out for an art look-see and it's a total flop. been down that road a lot lately. :( thank god for art blogs... though nothing compares to seeing good work in person.