Friday, October 23, 2009

found family photos.

I saw the awesome embroidery of Shabd Simon-Alexander over at Cup of Jo. Joanna ordered a custom hankie for her man as a sweet wedding gift. Shabd's embroideries are totally lovely and her hand is wonderful.

I really like how the images are placed on the handkerchiefs. I have played with pinning old photos onto linens and these read in a similar way. Her use of everyday quintessential snap shots as resource allow the works to speak on a much larger level. By being specific she becomes more universal. I love how that works.

Her selection of handkerchief to image is picture perfect. They seem made to be together. The pattern of the linen complimenting the simple poignancy of the image.

An excerpt from her statement about this series of work:
Shabd Simon-Alexander examines this... through embroidery, a traditional medium of memory and storytelling. Working with both personal and found snapshots, the artist transfers the images, stitch by stitch, onto discarded handkerchiefs and other fabric objects. When broken down into the most basic of forms, the memories of a stranger are as familiar to us as our own. She is not experiencing the event or the emotions captured in the images; indeed, it is not even important who is pictured. She is breaking down the experience of memory, and forming a relationship with the photographs themselves.

Her handkerchief series is my favorite but don't think her talent stops there she has plenty of other inspiring work on her website.


REread said...

they are beautiful !!

Brittany Noel said...

I'm so glad you found her! I love this series. And you're so right: by being specific, she is speaking to us all. I love that the photos could be anyone. I can't wait to start stitching on my project!

Joetta M. said...

so lovely indeed. Brittany cannot wait to see what you get inspired to do:)