Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ribbons, apples, wishes, and more

As I said I am short on words today so mostly just images to explore and celebrate the work of young British artist Karen Logan. The above work is exploring making work that unsettled assumptions about a 'cosy' domestic space

Wishing ribbons, hang a ribbon, make a color coded wish. So pretty. I love ribbon.

White: a wish for a loved one no longer near you (many miles apart or who has passed away)
Yellow: a wish for change, to make a fresh start.
Orange: a wish for success in a new venture or direction.

Red: a wish for love.

Green: a wish for health for yourself or a loved one.

Blue: a wish for financial stability, increased wealth.

Exploring the myths surrounding apples and the apple tree in a community garden art project.

Using embroidered handkerchiefs as a commemorative device.

and hand cut wall paper as an exploration in memory and making the familiar unfamiliar.

See more images here.

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