Thursday, October 29, 2009

i am tired....

so short on words. But the best art needs none. The very lovely paper cut work of Mia Perlman.

Her work is beyond amazing, gorgeous, and huge. The time and craft that goes into making and installing something like these works is very impressive and inspiring.

a bit from her statement:
My work is meditation on chance, control and the ephemeral nature of reality. The forms in my work exist on the brink of being and not being, free from physical constraint. Imaginary landscapes are shown frozen in mid-evolution, on the brink between contracting or expanding, solidifying or breaking apart. My goal is to find the picture beyond the big picture, the space between the nucleus and the electron, the moment between creation and destruction.

Her website is very thorough with images, statements, videos, and interviews. So go explore. And if you are in NYC her work is included in this very cool show that I cannot wait to see.


A rambling rose said...

this is indeed beautiful work and I only wished I'd seen it when she was in London - thank you for the introduction to a new artist - fascinating

onesilentwinter said...

incredible, hwat can someone say! my jaw is to the floor!

Joetta M. said...

i know isn't her work just amazing... i myself have never loved the texture of paper as a material to work with inspiring this could be?