Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am nothing short of awed by the work of Todd Knopke. He makes insanely beautiful, textural, narrative, gigantic quilts. Seriously I am just dumbstruck by the work he balances craft and beauty with a touch of messy and imperfection to make incredible pieces.


The details in each and every quilt are astounding and add so much to the overall quality of the story.


And to make him even more enviable he is crazy prolific. He makes around 10-20 of these large hand worked and sewn pieces a year. And they are each just as good as the other.


As a result his website is huge and I have not had the time to look at each and every piece but I will. I want to see everything his hands have touched.


I am so inspired how he breaks the 2dimensional field and works his quilts out into the 3 dimension. But just a touch, just enough to make them even more perfect. And his titles are pretty awesome and heavy.

I have actually been feeling in a total creative rut and his work spurs me to wake up and get moving in a way I have really needed. See more here.

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