Friday, October 2, 2009


hello, love the inclusion of the newspaper!

I smile at the silly and wonderful crochet work of Kate Jenkins. Her images make me a crave a good fish and chips pub with a Guinness in hand. I particularly like how Kate's food images are very specific to her British background and enjoy her playful sens of humor.

For some reason, I have always been drawn to fake food, maybe it is memories of my play kitchen and playhouse as a kid, maybe it is food I can devour with my eyes and not feel guilty about it, but Kate's is delicious.

I always wonder how this type of work is shown in exhibition to expand its conceptual edge. I would love to find a statement that is a bit more thorough- were Kate talks about her inspiration to crochet such fabulous and traditional British foods.

mmm, a good old fashioned traditional Irish breakfast, blood sausage! Trust me hiking through Ireland as a vegetarian is hilarious they just will not stop giving you their "delicious" blood sausage.

But who can't love that Kate’s philosophy is that anything can be created from yarn as long as it is made with love. Right on.

I have plans for an embroidery of a table after the meal, so maybe some food will make its way into my work too.

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