Friday, October 9, 2009

little beds.

Since I myself am obsessed with the bed as an image and a metaphor I am always intrigued by artist who are also drawn to it as an object of subject and inspiration. Often I find that to individuals the reference to the bed can touch on emotions and subjects of a wide birth. Anne Geoffrey makes some very gorgeous, provocative, and maybe even eerie works with the bed.

Many of her works seem to reference childhood and the loss of childhood. Her gallery seems to allude to her dealing with the fears associated with growing up. I personally interpret something a little deeper and darker.

Her use of striped bedding and fabric and choice of beds also seem to have a reference to imprisonment or entrapment. Unfortunately there is little to find in explanation or voice to her work. I do not particularly think it is needed as her work truly speaks on its own. But I am always curious as to how my interpretation relate to the intent of the artist.

Her drawings of herself with her parents strongly remind me of some of Janine Antoni's work with her parents.

Very interesting work. And technically speaking I love how Anne creates 3 dimensional objects on a 2 dimensional surface.
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