Tuesday, October 27, 2009

on my lap...

Some work at my lap. This is a work I started over 2 years ago and never finished and am now finally finishing it. I always liked the piece- it just stopped having priority for awhile... But since I cannot seem to move forward with what I want (because no one I know has a digital projector and the one that I borrowed will juts not properly work!) This piece is holding me over through the utter frustration! ERgh.

I might just have to suck it up and rent a projector for a day. That way I can at least get started on these new pieces. That would be so nice. Otherwise I just feel like I am standing still.

The submissions for connective thread are starting to come in regularly and it is so fun and exciting to get them in my inbox. All the work is so different and creative. It will end up coming down to selecting work that really makes a great show together as a cohesive whole. You still have just a bit over a month to submit so make sure you do!

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