Thursday, October 1, 2009

hard and soft.

Artist Kinu Watanabe mostly works in ceramics but somehow much of her work comes off with the feel and essence of fabric. Perhaps her soft shapes and forms create this.

Kinu originally from Japan and now living in the U.S. has been influenced by the ability to look at her home country and culture from afar. Her work explores the personal reflection of [her] emotional interpretations of [her] experiences through memories.

Of course, I love the use of everyday images and objects in her work. I particularly like the images that are almost still lives- something I have been thinking of exploring myself in embroidery.

The soft form of the pillow recreated in ceramic is quite lovely both as an object and a metaphor.

also creates ambitious and interesting installations.

Be inspired.

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Brittany Noel said...

I really like these. The portrayal of soft material and memories, which are inherently soft, on ceramic is really effective.