Monday, October 19, 2009

show opened!

I have a piece in the Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts Emerging Artists exhibition which opened this weekend. Unfortunately, I did not get to stop in for the opening because we had some friends in town. But I am hoping to stop by sometime before it closes.
Many of the artists showing have some really nice work so I would be curious to see the install.
If you are in New Jersey please stop by.

This weekend we weathered the rain and drear to enjoy a very nice visit from some old friends, brunches, dinners, and SoHo shopping...
It is so nice to see people who have known you through the long haul.

Now... I have a busy week ahead and a studio in a total mess! They are installing heating so I had to dismantle half of my studio. Agh! I have 3 days like this and can already hardly wait until my space gets back to normal.
Luckily, I am planning a day in the city tomorrow to get some supplies and see some shows in Chelsea.

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