Thursday, October 8, 2009

returned work still rings true.

I got some of the work back from the show in Japan (above) and have re-posted it for sale at my shop. They are all some of my favorite small text pieces. The one above is definitely the state of my body this week with the remnants of my cold still around.
And the below piece, well I just have always loved this one with the combination of the sweetness of the sentiment and the colors and pattern of the linen.

Otherwise today might actually be a day where I can jump in and have a nice long working afternoon. My one wall finally got cleared off as I shipped a piece to a show in New Jersey and I am savoring the big white wall that I can start building a new idea on... and get an old idea out to finish. (You know one of those projects you always loved but it didn't fit in with everything at the time so you put it in a box- but it haunts you from there as an unfinished piece of you.)

And please, please if you are in NY sign up for my super cheap embroidery workshop at SPACECRAFT- get details here. Or just pass the word:)


Rose and June said...

i love love love love l-o-v-e the red piece!

Joetta M. said...

i love, love you:)