Monday, March 22, 2010

busy but beautiful weekend.

here is a sneak peek at my newest work. It has come along quite a bit more today- going down into the hands. C really likes how stylized the hair is- so I might push that in a few other elements of the piece. We will see.

My weekend was great and busy, I had a group of students into my studio Saturday morning and it was very fun. They were a warm and engaging group and it was fun to talk to them about my process and career. Plus it was an incredibly gorgeous day with the sun pouring in and the breeze blowing about. Then C and I finished building the wall in our bedroom to partition of the baby's space. So fun... please notice the sarcasm.
Sunday evening, another gorgeous day was capped of by what I feel like was a very successful intro meeting to collective thread. I am super excited about getting this collective rolling and was very happy with the fact that we had 12 + people show up to brainstorm about what the collective could be. We shared a lot of helpful info and I really think it could be a great way to build a great community. Next meeting we will have crits of 2 of the artists and share community again. If any one is interested in getting details about the meetings just let me know.

Now I have to get caught up on all my emails that I have been ignoring all weekend.


karen said...

I like the hair on this one too nice work!

Joetta M. said...

i think i am becoming a hair girl, haha:)